A rehabilitation accelerator

Vibrasens© is a unique sensorimotor vibration therapy used in trauma or neurological rehabilitation. Vibrasens© is a remarkable tool thant improves limb mobility, patient comfort and muscle function. Vibrasens© is non-invasive and presents no contraindication.

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A strong movement generator

Limb immobilization or disuse prevents the brain from receiving kinesthesic information from the peripheral part of the body involved in sensorimotor activities. One of the remarkable effect of Vibrasens© is to to limit and prevent the impact of this lack of actual kinesthetic by eliciting the perception of illusory movement during these periods. Training the brain with Vibrasens© during immobilization dimishes the need for retraining and shorten the rehabilitation process.

> Vibrasens initiates motor responses
Vibrasens© allows to maintain a certain level of activities in the brain structures implied in the sensorimotor pattern. Vibrasens© counteracts disuse-induced cortical plastic changes through recruitment of a large part of the cortical network used for actual performed movement.

> A shortened and suitable rehabilitation

Paired with physical therapy, VIBRASENS © takes part very early in the patient's rehabilitation process and greatly reduce its duration.

Vibrasens© is perceived as a pleasant rehabilitation therapy by the patient. It improves its limb mobility, comfort and muscle function. It also have analgesic effects that facilitates therapeutic manual action.

Tendon vibrations are perceived as pleasant and comfortable treatment , which is coupled with an analgesic effects that facilitates therapeutic manual action.



  • VIBRASENS© control unit
  • VB115 hand-free applicators (x2)
  • VB200 manual applicator
  • Contact tips for tendon application (x4)
  • Contact tips for skin application (x4)
  • Carrying case
  • User guide
  • Protocols guide



> Immobilisation after effect (sprain, fracture)
> Joints stiffness (frozen shoulder ...)
> Neurology (spasticity, stroke, cerebral palsy, algodystrophy, partial spinal cord injury ...)
> Pain treatment


> Non invasive therapy, well tolerated
> No contraindications / side effects
> Large panel of therapeutic applications
> Ease of use


Rééducation Sensori-Motrice par Stimulation Vibratoire Transcutanée



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28 mars 2015           Applications en rééducation de la main             Paris

23 mai 2015             Applications en neuro-pédiatrie                        Marseille

Date à confirmer       Applications en traumatologie                           Paris

Date à confirmer       Applications en traumatologie                           Marseille

14 novembre 2015   Applications en rééducation de la main             Marseille


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